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Claussen's Florist & Greenhouse, Colchester, Vermont

Commercial Division

Our commercial program is designed to provide an excellent resource of top quality Vermont-grown plants at competitive prices. We sell commercial plant material to local landscapers, interiorscape designers and flower shops in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York.

We offer indoor flowering and foliage plants, top-quality seasonal Vermont-grown crops such as Chrysanthemums, Easter Lilies, flowering bulbs and Poinsettias. During the spring planting months, we have the best selection of flowering annuals and annual hanging baskets and our Perennial Farm grows thousands of varieties of all the right perennials for this zone.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our commercial program, please call Mark. He can forward a copy of our latest price lists. The paperwork needed to set you up with an account can be found below. We are the largest supplier in the area of locally grown, top-quality plants at a reasonable price. Our friendly staff can help make it a great experience to shop at Claussen’s Greenhouse. We have full service delivery, so the convenience is perfect. Give us a call.


To Set Up A New Account

In order to set up an account with us, we ask the following:

  • All purchases from Claussen's Enterprises must be resold to be eligible for wholesale pricing and tax exemption.
  • A tax exempt form must be completed for all eligible VT and NY customers.
  • Your initial order must be a minimum of $300.00.
  • All forms must be typed, completed in their entirety.
  • Please allow us 5 business days to complete your paperwork once we receive it to set up your account.
  • Payment options are cash, check, credit card, money order or bank check.
  • For the first 6 months AND 8 orders you will be placed on C.O.D..  If you wish to obtain Net terms after the 6 month period has expired and you have placed 8 orders with us, you may contact Teri at (802) 878-2361 to discuss your options.

Wholesale: A customer who sells or installs plants as their primary source of inclome qualifies as a wholesale customer. We do not offer wholesale status to developers, builders, contractors, road commissioners, excavators or other creative occupational requests. New Customer Package includes the following forms.  Please complete and return to Teri Lamphere either by email or mail to her attention at Claussen's Florist & Greenhouse, 187 Main Street, Colchester, VT 05446.  Should you have any questions about the paperwork, please feel free to contact Teri at (802) 878-2361 or via email to teri@claussens.com. In order to qualify as a Wholesale Customer you must be reselling our products either as a Retailer or as a Landscaper. Please note that Landscapers are not tax exempt, therefore should not complete the tax exempt form. Your first initial order must be a minimum purchase of $300.00.

Again, all forms must be typed, completed in their entirety to be accepted. (You may have to save the file and open in a pdf reader to enter text.)

Wholesale Application

Tax Exempt Form

(please note Landscapers are not tax exempt and

therefore should not complete this form)

Product Lines

For our New York Customers, please complete the above forms excluding the Vermont Tax Exempt Form and complete the following instead.

NY State Tax Exempt Form

For our New Hampshire Customers, please complete the forms listed above excluding any Tax Forms.


All other BUSINESS ACCOUNTS: should contact Teri Lamphere via email (teri@claussens.com) or call (802) 878-2361 to receive the correct Business Form to be completed.   Businesses include those who are purchasing our products to decorate their businesses indoors or out.


Below are a couple of the wonderful people that make our Commercial Division successful!

Mark Storch


Mark Storch
General/Commercial Manager

Mark Storch has been with Claussen’s since March, 1982. Mark has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the horticultural industry. He heads our commercial division with good judgment and expertise, which strengthens Claussen’s Quality Product philosophy. His organizational skills and leadership have helped make our company what it is today. Mark is willing to accommodate any special requests you may have, because quite simply, he’s a nice guy!

Mike Kramer, Commercial Facilitator


Mike Kramer

Commercial Facilitator

E-mail: mike@claussens.com

Mike joined our Commercial team in the beginning of 2010 with a bright smile and positive attitude!  Mike handles everything to do with commercial orders, from taking calls to packaging the orders, and even making the deliveries from time to time! Mike is very well-organized and enjoys working with our commercial customers.


Claussen's Florist and Greenhouse
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(802) 878-9462 (fax)
Chris Conant:

Claussen's Perennial Farm
(802) 879-6816
James MacAuley:


187 Main Street, Colchester, VT 05446
General e-mail: info@claussens.com

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